Double Sided Carpet Tape

Double sided carpet tape is use mainly for the temporary fixing of floor finish such as carpet and vinyl flooring. Being a double sided tape it can stick to the existing floor as well as the temporary floor. It would not be visible after the temporary flooring is done, thus giving the floor finish a beautiful look.

FIRMFIX 1432 double sided carpet tape is very good for use where removal after finish is essential. It is very good for securing carpets down at areas which have a high foot traffic. Such as at exhibition, exposition, trade-show, road-show and sales events at mall atrium. It can hold the carpet down tightly and it can be easily removed without leaving any residue on the floor.

It is design with a differential system for an excellent adhesion to the floor securing it tightly during the events. And for a clean removal on the open side. It can easily be tear and peel using hand making the installation process simple and fast. No residue would be left behind after it is remove, this would make the dismantling of the carpet fast, quick and clean.


They are usually use at booths, conventions, exposition, exhibition, trade-show, road-show and sales at mall atrium.

Existing floor surface receiving the FIRMFIX 1432 doubles sided tape should be dry, clean and free from oil and grease stains. So that the finish temporary flooring can have the best performance.


The carrier of the tape is make of recycled paper and the liner is of "Glassine" paper, with both side of the paper coated with silicone. The adhesive is made of synthetic rubber on the open side and synthetic on the closed side. Temperature resistance is between 5 degree C to 70 degree C.

Highly recommended for all carpet layers, FIRMFIX 1432 double sided carpet tape would save them time and monies.

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