Office Carpet, Change or Replace Office Carpet

Office carpet, when it is torn, damage and smell need to be change or replace.

Areas which are regularly use will need to be replaced sooner or later even though proper regular maintenance of the carpet is carry out. Some signs of the damage carpet can be visible to the eyes while other damage may not be so obvious.

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Why and When You Need to Change or Replace Worn Out Office Carpet tear:

  1. Stains
    You are trying to cover carpet stains with furniture and rugs when cleaning cannot remove them. .
  2. Carpet Wear and Tear
    Carpet wear and tear occurs mostly on the main walkways. Matted or compressed carpet are one of the main sign to say that the carpet flooring need to be change.
  3. Smelly Carpet
    Lingering smell from the carpet and the smell does not goes away even after a cleaning is done. This show that the smell is coming from the very inside of the carpet fibers or the sub-floor and there is fungus or mildew growth. 
  4. Increased in Allergy Symptoms
    The fiber on the carpet trap and retains allergens, but old carpet tends to catch more allergens and other matters which may cause our allergies to blow out. If there is an increase in allergies, the old carpet may be the cause and it may need to be change.
  5. Old Carpet
    Are you still using the old carpet that comes with your office? Have you employ cleaner to clean it regularly? Like it or not carpet does not last forever even with regular good maintenance.

After a few years, signs of wear and tear would show on the main walkways and the carpet fibers start losing their fibers and if you are cleaning the carpet regularly and not getting the result you want, it might be the best time to replace it.

Sign of old carpet includes color loss, fading, matting, ripples, wrinkles, bare patch, smelly odor. This list is not complete.